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Acne Facial in Bangkok Review

Acne Care facial at Puttharaksa Aesthetic is an excellent mix of wave generation machine (Phonophoresis), vitamins, nourishment gels, and an Acne Mask for coping with acne. The machine helps enhance the delivery of topically applied vitamins and nourishment gels while Acne Mask helps reduce inflammatory and comedo acne. Through this treatment, the skin will be more hydrated, healthier, and stronger. In combination with facial massage, this also provides relaxation.

Nourishments Included in Acne Care Facial

1. Vitamin A: to brighten the skin and improve the skin structure.
2. Aloe Vera: to reduce the redness, inflammation, and pain associated with acne.
3. Vitamin C: to lighten the skin and reduce redness.
4. Hyaluronic: to help skin structure and maintain the elasticity of the skin.
5. Collagen: to keep firm, smooth, and soften skin.
6. Multivitamin Moisturizer: to help the skin stay moisturized and reduce irritation.
7. Sun Protection: to protect skin from sunlight.
8. Thermal Spring Water: to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the skin and help hydrate the skin.

More information on Acne Care is available at acne facial, Puttharaksa Aesthetic.

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