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Acne Treatment in Bangkok Review

Acne Treatment (Acne Clear Plus) at Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok is considered the best as it doesn’t only cope with current acne but also prevents new acne.

What is included in Acne Clear Plus?

1. Acne Care treatment for skin irritation, inflamed acne, and comedo acne.
2. Acne Extraction for comedo acne removal (blackheads and whiteheads extraction).
3. Three creams to be used at home for reducing and preventing acne.

Acne Care treatment helps reduce comedo acne, inflamed acne as well as skin irritation. It also makes skin hydrated and healthier in order to reduce, control, and prevent new acne. In addition, it will help restructure your skin to return back to the normal stage, after having acne for a long time. 

Acne Care treatment is an excellent mix of a Phonophoresis machine, vitamins, and nourishment gels, as well as an Acne Mask for making the skin become healthier. The machine improves the penetration of vitamins and nourishment gels. As a result, the skin absorbs more substances; thus, the healing process becomes faster. In addition, Acne Mask helps inflammation, so the acne gets improved.

[Reference: Acne Treatment, Puttharaksa Aesthetic]

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